Merging Text and Image in Newsletter Made Simple

I’m always looking for a nice and convenient way to apply complex imageprocessing to images without making use of third party tools. This time I want to apply a ramp and a textlayer to a campaign image in newsletter made simple. This tutorial is for experts!

We take this image:

and apply a ramp with a text layer and a logo. Our result:

Remember: This is a whole new image without using Photoshop or something similar. This is *magic* ;-).

What do we need?


      (of course)

Newsletter Made Simple

      (and dependency modules)

Supersizer Plugin

Let’s start with preparation:
First we need a tiny helper script. We add a new UDT “createimage”:

$textstring = htmlentities($params[‘text’], ENT_QUOTES | ENT_IGNORE, "UTF-8");
$textstring = "No text given";
$sourceimage = $params[‘image’];
$sourceimage = "uploads/newsletter/header.jpg";
$imagename = stristr($sourceimage, ‘?’);
$imagename2 = substr($imagename,1);
$escaped = preg_replace(‘/[^A-Za-z0-9_\-]/’, ‘_’, $textstring);
$filename = "uploads/newsletter/image/image_".$escaped."_".$imagename2.".jpg";

if (!function_exists(‘Schreibebild’)) {
function Schreibebild($text, $quelldatei, $dateiname)
$font = ‘uploads/newsletter/font/trebuc.ttf’;
$font_groesse = 24;

$ausgangsbild = imagecreatefromjpeg($quelldatei);
$logo = imagecreatefrompng("uploads/newsletter/logo.png");
$ramp = imagecreatefrompng("uploads/newsletter/ramp.png");

imagecopy($ausgangsbild, $logo,0,0,0,0,280,100);
imagecopy($ausgangsbild, $ramp,0,200,0,0,640,80);

$text_farbe = imagecolorallocate($ausgangsbild, 255, 255, 255);

imagettftext($ausgangsbild, $font_groesse, 0, 20, 255, $text_farbe, $font, html_entity_decode($text));
imagejpeg($ausgangsbild, $dateiname,90);

Schreibebild($textstring, $sourceimage, $filename);

echo "<img src=\"".$filename."\"/>";

As you can see, I am using a fallback image if no one is defined: uploads/newsletter/header.jpg
So take sure this image exists. I use following dimensions: 640x280px
We also need a font. I use trebu.ttf. You can take ANY font. Just take care it is a truetypefont!
To merge both text and image, I like to use a ramp. Mine has dimensions of 640x80px!
And to make it unique we finally add a logo. It is 280x100px.
For the ramp and the logo I use png images. Because they allow nice shadows and transparency.
Take care everything is in right place (uploads/newsletter/)

In our nms message template, we need a new image block:

[php]{nms_content name=’Headerimage’ assign=’headerimage’}[/php]

and a textfield (for campaign title):

[php]{nms_content name=’campaign’ prompt=’Campaign-Title’ wysiwyg=’false’ oneline=’true’ assign=’campaign’}[/php]

now we put all together. Paste the following code to the template where you want the new image to appear:

[php]{supersizer path=$headerimage crop=true width=640 height=280 strip_tags=true passthru=true protect=false assign="ssheaderimage" url=true}{createimage text=$campaign image=$ssheaderimage}[/php]

We pass the supersizer image to our UDT. And this returns us the final image. The good thing about this: it doesn’t matter how big the sourceimage is, our supersizer script scales it down so it will always fit in our newsletter!

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