Manually Installing Themes and Add-Ons to Concrete5

As covered in a previous article, Concrete5 is exceptionally easy to add new features right from your website. Exceptionally easy is not always the best solution however.

For Instance: A theme or add-on you customized to suit your needs may be better uploaded from your desktop archive than modified on site. Products bought directly from developers instead of from the official C5 marketplace will need to be manually loaded. And lastly, for those more adventurous and talented souls, you may wish to create your own themes and add-ons from scratch to upload.

Being familiar with your Arvixe cPanel is a good start. First, login on to your cPanel account by typing your web address into the browser, proceeded by “cpanel.” (ie After logging in, you’ll see your site statistics in the left column and several drop-down tool tabs on the rightCpanel

From the tool-tab marked “”Files” you’ll see a folder for the “File Manager”…. by selecting file manager you see the following.Cpanelfilemng

Your Concrete5 folders are normally located in the “root” or “public_html” area. The C5 installation has over 20 different folders listed at this level. The folder to upload new C5 packages is named just that, “PACKAGES”.Filemanager

With the packages folder open, go ahead and upload the compressed/zipped file you wish by using the “Upload” button from the toolbar at the top of your cPanel file manager. Once your file is uploaded, select it and use the “Extract” button from the toolbar. That’s it! When you return to your website, you’ll be able to activate the manual uploads from the dashboard (as a reminder, go to Dashboard > Extend Concrete5 to view and install add-ons). Although it seems to be a little daunting at first, manual uploads are much easier than you may believe. Give it a try!

I try to recommend a theme or add-on with every article and this week I suggest you a peek at “Designer Content” by Jordenlev. This powerful add-on permits you, the site owner, to create the custom block area you’ve wanted to have, but found too difficult or impossible with the standard block options that come preinstalled with C5. If you can imagine it, this block will help you build it. Best of all… It’s free 🙂  Find out more at the Concrete5 Marketplace for this add-on.

Thanks for reading about Concrete5. As always, I welcome requests on any Concrete5 topic. Just email your topic request to


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