Managing Your phpFox Site’s Themes

This article will focus on managing your phpFox website’s themes.

As of phpFox v.3.5, phpFox now comes with 4 default themes: Default, Cosmic, Microblog, and Nebula.  Up until now we have only had 2 default themes to work with.  Each theme has its own set of styles as well, which are variations on the theme.  All but the Default come with a single style, Default comes with 4 different styles to choose from: Default, Facebookish, Altitude, and Density.  You may or may not want to have all or some of these themes enabled, and you may want to purchase or download a new theme to use on your site.  For now, we will work with the default themes.

Default, Cosmic, and Nebula are 3 column themes, meaning that they each have a left column, a right column, and a center column for the main content for MOST pages of your phpFox site.

Nebula, a brand new theme in phpFox v.3.5 has a fixed header, and a hidden menu that can be opened by selecting the drop down arrow in the header.

Microblog is a 2 column theme, it has a left column and the main content column.

In order to view and manipulate which themes are active and which is the default theme for your website, select Extensions > Manage Themes on the Menu.


The Manage Themes page will show all your currently installed themes.  A green circle under Active means that the theme is currently active.  A red circle means that it has been inactivated.

themesIn order to Activate or Deactivate a Theme, select the circle to the right of it and click to change it from Red to Green or Green to Red.  For the purposes of this article, I am going to deactivate ALL except the Default Theme.  When done, you can click Update to make sure the changes take effect.


Now that I have deactivated all but the Default theme, I am going to deactivate all but 1 of the styles, and set the default style for the website.  Click the number to the right of the Default theme, below the Styles heading (number 4 in this case).


On the next page, you will see a list of Styles for the Default theme.  I will set all except the Default style to inactive, by changing the Green circle to a Red circle in the Active column.  I am also going to set the Default style to be the Default style for the site.  This will be the style that all members will see when they visit the site, even guests.  To do this, I will change the Red circle to Green in the Default column.  When done, click Update to make sure the changes take effect.


Next I suggest you clear your site’s cache so that the changes will take effect sitewide.  As well as your browser’s cache, due to the fact that you may have your browser set to not update each time you visit the site.  You should now see the Default Theme / Default Style for your phpFox site when you visit it!

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