Manage Search Filters in Alfresco Share

Alfresco share search has been enhanced with the introduction of Solr and Faceted search capability. I have already introduced you to this new feature in my this post. Here I am going to introduce you to “Search Manager” using which, you can manage filters which are available on left side of search result page.

Search result page currently look like this. If you search with  “test” word in your alfresco share.

SearchManager1To go to search manage click on “Search Manager” button on top right corner.

It will take you to this page where you can see all existing filters. You could remove any of the existing filter or add new.

SearchManager2To add new Filter click on “Create New Filter” button on top left corner.It will open up following popup fill in all related details for new filter.

Add Search FilterClick on “Save” and you will be able to see new filter available on existing page.

Add Search Filter1Now if you search again with “test” key word you will be able to see new filter available on search result page.

Added Search FilterSummary: This add filter functionality seems incomplete though as you will not be able to add filter based on property. Hopefully it will be extended further in upcoming versions.

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