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One of the best part about online shopping experience is that customers get to know the feedback about products from all the previous customers along with a clear detail on product specifications.  Opencart also has support for product reviews out of box. Here we are going to discuss about managing customer reviews although its very similar to normal commenting features which we see every now and then. This will save your from some hassles by giving you the exact detail about the flow.

Product review section

Normally product reviews can be found on product detail page. All reviews given by customers are listed into that section. In below image currently there is no review. We are going to demonstrate the flow of review given by customer.


User have to fill in all related fields for review and post it. Once user post their reviews it will undergo review process and it will be visible to the administrator in store admin panel.

Product review approval

Admin user get to know about new reviews using alerts as shown in below image.


When admin click on review related alert he will be redirected to following page where all pending comments will be listed. Admin can manipulate these comments here and he need to change the status as “Enabled” to make it visible on store for other users.

ReviewApproval1 ReviewApproval2Once admin change the status as “Enabled” and save the changes, review is visible on store as shown below.

ReviewApproval3This is how comments (reviews) are managed on opencart store. Although its simple and intuitive it will definitely save your some efforts.

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