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In my previous post related to adding of attributes in OpenCart we discussed the importance of adding each and every minor detail on the product details page which could encourage users to make their purchase. Attributes play a significant part of product details as they help to build product specifications. Now one more important part of product detail page is ‘Options’. Here is the example of options for product.

It gives you clue about variants of particular product. For instance in this case Apple Cinema is available in three different sizes and based on size customer select there will be some difference in cost.

So, rather then creating three duplicates product with same specification we can list down options on same product detail page. This makes options very essential part of store.

Here are steps to create new option if you does not find any of out of box option suitable for your requirement.

Step 1:

Login to Admin Panel and navigate to “Catalog>Options”


Step 2:

Here you will be able to list of all out of box options. Click on “Add” link which will lead you to option creation screen.

Step 3:

You have different type of options available. First you need to give name then select type of option. It could be “Dropdown”,”Date”,”Check-boxes” etc… Once you select type you may need to add values. For instance for check-boxes what all check-boxes you want to show.In case of dropdown what all values should be visible in dropdown like wise.


Once you are done with editing click on “Save”. You will be able to see newly added option in list.OptionAdded

Step 4:

Now you can add that option to any of you product. To add it on product. Go to edit product page and select tab options as show below. Then you can select new option and configure it according to your criteria. Then save changes.


Go and checkout that product detail page on your store. In my case I have added newly added “Color” option on “iPod Shuffle” product and It is coming up nicely as shown in below image.

ProductDetailPageWithOptionsSo, It is quite a useful topic, which could help you in managing your store more efficiently. Keep following this space for more updates and articles related to OpenCart.

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