Manage Page Titles for Better SEO in Joomla

Title Manager is the most popular Joomla plugin to manage your page titles for better SEO; Using this plugin, you can display your site name in page titles with a lot of additional features for different needs. To use this extension, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Title Manager Extension.
    • Extension features:
      • Use a custom site name leaving the default site name untouched for mails etc.
      • Use a special page title for your home page.
      • Change the separator between site name and content titles.
      • Choose where to display your site name. Before or after your content titles.
  2. Login as an administrator to Joomla.
  3. Go to menu Extensions > Extension Manager, and install the plugin. If you don’t know how to this, read this articleextension manager
  4. Now that you installed the plugin, you have to enable it. To do this, go to Plugin Manager always on Extensions Menu, search and select the plugin and click the enable button:enabled plugin
  5. To configure the module, you can edit the Alternative site name, Home page title and other options more: settings plugin
  6. And that’s it! You can manage page titles for better SEO.

This concludes Manage page titles for better SEO in Joomla.

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One Comment on Manage Page Titles for Better SEO in Joomla

  1. J says:

    Thanks for the guide, I started use Joomla last week and your guide helped me custom my post title, for WordPress we can use Yoast plugin and for Joomla this is the best extension.

    Great post, mate

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