Manage MSSQL backups with Scheduled Tasks

Arvixe customers have 2 options to manage MSSQL databases backups.

The first option is to manually backup databases using  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio.

A detailed explanation of how to backup using MSSQL 2008 Management Studio can be found here.

The second and most useful option, in my opinion, is to schedule database backups using the ‘Scheduled Tasks‘ feature you can find in the Arvixe Control Panel.

Access the ‘Scheduled Tasks‘ section in the Arvixe Control Panel and click on the ‘Add Scheduled Task‘ button.

Now you can input all the informations required to setting up your scheduled task.

Task Name: Insert your task name here. All your tasks will be listed accessing the ‘Scheduled Tasks’ section of the Arvixe Control Panel.

Task Type: This combo-box lists all the task types available. Select ‘Backup Database’ option. After selection, the following additional informations will be loaded.

Database Type: Select your MSSQL version from this combo-box.

Database Name: Insert one of your databases name.

Backup Folder: This is your hosting space folder where your backup file will be saved. The system, by default, presents the following location ‘\backups’.

If you don’t have this folder inside your space, the folder will be automatically created.

The folder will be created inside the root folder of your space.

If you want to save the backup files in a different folder, create a folder inside your space using ‘File Manager‘ feature, then input your folder location inside the ‘Backup Folder’ field, remembering that the leading ‘\‘ represents your space root folder (‘Home’ within the ‘File Manager‘ window) and that it is required.

If you don’t create your folder before saving your scheduled task, the folder will be automatically created after your first scheduled task execution.

You can also add Date and Time variables to your folder’s name specifying [date] and/or [time] inside the ‘Backup Folder’ field.


You want to create a new folder, inside a folder called ‘backups’ placed into the root folder, for each scheduled task execution named like this: ‘myfolder_date_time’.

Yout input string will be: ‘\backups\myfolder_[date]_[time]’

Remember, the [date] and [time] variables will be formatted in the following way:

[date]: yyyyMMdd

[time]: mmss

Backup File Name: The backup file name; you can use [date] and [time] variables here too, they work the same way descripted above.

Zip Backup: Choose if you want your backup file be zipped, recommended for a faster download.

Schedule: Choose the frequency your backup files will be created. When you set up your ‘Start Time‘, remember that it refers to the ‘Pacific Time zone‘.

Enabled: Use this to make your scheduled task enabled or not.

Priority: I usually set it as ‘Below Normal’.

Max Execution Time: The extimated execution time of your backup procedure. Set it accordingly to your database size.

Now your new ‘Scheduled Task‘ window should look like this:

Now you can save your task and wait for the first execution.

Enjoy !

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