Manage Manufacturers carousel in OpenCart store

In one of my recent article I had explained about how to change Product carousel on home page, here in this article I will explain things related to one more section of home page i.e. Manufacturers carousel. How to manage that carousel which is displayed on home screen or main page of store.

This carousel helps users to get quick idea on which all brands are available on your store.Now if there is a situation where some of the brands which are displayed on out of box carousel are not available on your store you want to remove that and if some of brands which are not listed there you probably want to add them in that list. Here are steps to achieve that.

Edited Menufacturer Carousel

Step 1:

Log in to OpenCart admin panel.

Step 2:

Go to following page System>Design>Banners


Step 3:

Click on Edit link available on  “Manufacturer”  section which will lead you to list of manufacturers which are listed on carousel.


Step 4:

You can remove or add new manufacturers here. I have added new brand “Samsung” in my list I have uploaded logo of that brand from my machine.So, you can set images, sorting order. You could also add links on those logos which could lead to page where all products from that brand as listed.


Step 5:

Once you are done editing click on “Save” and you are done. Go and check your updated carousel.Mine look as below.

Edited Menufacturer Carousel

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