Manage Links in Alfresco Site

Links are important components for any blog or site. Alfresco also has a similar functionality where you can have dedicated pages inside your site to manage all your links. From that page you can manage all your links.

Configure Sites to add Link Page

By Default when you create new site there will be only three pages available. You need to add Links page explicitly in your newly created site in alfresco share.

  • Create New Site.
  • To add site you need to click on “Customize Site” action from drop down on top right corner of you site dashboard.
  • Drag and drop Links from “Available site pages list” to “Current Site Pages” then it will look like below image (Although I have added all remaining pages also like “wiki”, ”calendar” etc… you can leave them as it is)
Add Link Page

Add Link Page

Create New Link

For creating your first link you need to click on links page on your site from your site dashboard.

On left side of Links Page you could see action create new link through that you can create new link as follow.

Create Link Page

Create Link Page

Comments on Link

You can also add multiple comments on created link from link detail page. Once you create link you will be redirected to link detail page which looks like below.

Link Detail page with comment

Link Detail page with comment

Links List Page

Links page on you site is basically links list page from where you can see all created links and manage them easily. Currently I only have one link in my list page and it looks like as below.

Links List page of Alfresco site

Links List page of Alfresco site

Summary: Hope this post gives you little bit of insight related to links in alfresco site. I personally feel it is not very fully mature thing and it should have more features like once link is created it should be visible during creation of blogs and wiki on same site so that we can add it inside blogs, wiki.

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  1. Hi
    I am very new to crafter CMS. I want to create a new site from scratch can u point me to some example tutorials of this use case.
    I am trying to integrate angular js in my application.

    • mitpatoliya says:

      Hi Raju, Are you asking about Crafter tool which can be used as content authoring tool for alfresco?

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