Manage DNS Records using cPanel

You need to edit DNS records if you want to make any modifications to the IP address pointing to your site, email. You can also control SPAM messages by adding a SPF record.

If you are a beginner then you should not modify DNS records since incorrect modifications will make your site unusable.

In this article, I will discuss the usage of Simple DNS Zone Editor included with cPanel.

(1) Login to cPanel

(2) Select the Simple DNS Zone Editor option located under the Domains panel


(3) Select the domain for which you need to modify DNS records from the Select a Domain drop down box


(4) Simple DNS Editor enables you to add and modify A and CNAME records. These records are enabled and activated by default at the time of account creation. However, you will be required to add them for special purposes from time to time.


(5) As soon as you add the record it will appear inside User-Defined Records panel.

As you can see, Simple DNS Editor enables you to add and modify only A and CNAME records without causing any problems to the original records. However, you should not click Delete link located under Action column for any record unless you are sure about your actions.

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