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With the fierce & competitive market each and every store is eager to increase their sells and in order to achieve survive. Discounts and offers on products play huge role in attracting customers, so it is essential for any online store to have efficient way to manage those discounts and offers on their store.

OpenCart has done a great job by creating dedicated feature through which store admin can easily manage all coupons on store dynamically. In order to create or enable one of the existing discount coupon following steps needs to be followed by admin.

Step 1:

Log in to OpenCart Admin panel.

Step 2:

Go to Marketing>Coupons page, there admin will be able to see three out of box sample coupons. All of them are in disabled mode.


Step 3:

Admin can either create one of your own coupon or reuse existing one’s here I am editing first coupon. Admin can map coupon with multiple products or categories. If you want to map with particular product start typing it’s name of product field it will suggest you names and then you can select your product from that list.


Step 4:

Change status of coupon as enable and set appropriate date range for which you want to keep it enabled. You can also manage many other parameters like maximum number of users who can avail this offer etc…Now save all details and you will be able to see it as enabled.


Now if you try to go and apply that coupon on product with which coupon has been tagged. You will be able to see 10% discount is applied on your product price. Happy shopping :).

AppliedCouponHope you will be able to manage your store effectively using this feature.

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