Long-tail SEO for Beginners

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The “long-tail” concept was first used in market terms. Other concepts like mass market, niche market, Pareto’s law etc. also pop into mind when it comes to talking about long tail in business. But what exactly is long-tail SEO?

Long-tail User

A long-tail user is anyone who looks for a pair of “shoes nike shox 5” on Google. They could be your kids when they’re looking for “ipad 4 music dj apps” They could be your friend who is looking for “low calorie tasty recipes.”

Long-tail users are users who know what they want and it shows in their search. Generally speaking, they are young with several years of Internet experience. They not only see email, chat, social networking and all the information available on the Internet as part of daily life, but also find the Internet (and increasingly more so for such users) to be a great tool for shopping.

The Internet allows them to compare products and services, prices and promotions. It gives them all they need to make their decision without having to leave home. What’s more, they see how shopping, sales, delivery and after sales services have evolved considerably thanks to the Internet. It is something the long-tail user has detected and this detection equals trust.

Long-tail SEO

The point of long-tail SEO is to capture all those users who perform searches using 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 keywords or more. The most cost-effective, fast and effective way to do this is through landing pages that have been optimized in terms of code and content to position them among the first results in search engines.

Using long-tail SEO can boost visits from search engines by up to 80%. So, the more pages optimized specifically for each of your products or services, the greater the positions they occupy in the search engine results, thus achieving greater numbers of visits, encouraging users to spend more time on your site, increasing the conversion rate and decreasing the bounce rate.

The Business of Long-tail SEO

The idea behind long-tail SEO business is to achieve higher results with lower investment. It is a tailored strategy that uses resources effectively. Much of that effectiveness lies in its ability to identify users with the greatest potential as customers through their Internet searches.

What is really useful and effective about long-tail SEO is that it can capture the different user trends shown on the Internet. This becomes a major asset for any Internet business because it does not require large investments and the results can be seen in the short term.

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