Knowing “Home Folder” Capabilities in WebSitePanel

Applied on: Windows (ASP) Hosting Plans with WebSitePanel.

There are a few options under “Home Folder” for every website under its “Web Site Properties”. Here I will try to explain each available option.

Go to the Web Sites link and click any website to view its properties. The page will look like the image below:

The first two buttons, “Folder in your Hosting Space” and “Redirect to URL”, are related to the target location of your website. It is called “Home Folder”.  You may click on path input to select the location of your home page or you may type it in manually to point the web site to some folder within the hosting space. You can change the web site root folder from the default one “wwwroot” if it is allowed in the hosting plan.

Your other option is to select the second button, “Redirection to URL”, to redirect all requests from client applications, such as a web browser, to another web site or virtual directory by entering a URL in the input box below.

Security settings:

The checkbox “Enable Write Permissions” will allow web site users uploading files and their associated properties to the enabled directory on your server or to change content in a Write-enabled file. Write access is allowed only when web browser supports the PUT feature of the HTTP 1.1 protocol standard.

Select “Enable Directory Browsing” to allow web site visitors seeing a hypertext listing of the files and subdirectories in this site. This will be done if you do not have a defult document in your website or its subfolder.

Select “Enable Parent Paths” to allow web pages to use relative paths to the parent directory of the current directory (paths using the “..” syntax). This option might be required for legacy ASP applications.

The “Dedicated Application Pool” can add your website as application in IIS 7 setting.


Select “Allow Anonymous Access” to allow anonymous connection to this web site. Normally, this option must be enabled for most web sites. Otherwise your site visitors will face problems while browsing your website.

Select “Enable Integrated Windows Authentication” to require web site users to enter their credentials in order to access the web site. Windows authentication ensures that the user name and password are sent across the network in the form of a hash. This provides secure form of authentication. Normally, this option must be disabled for most web sites.

Select “Enable Basic Authentication” to require web site users to enter their credentials in order to access the web site. Basic authentication is part of the HTTP specification and is supported by most browsers; however, user name and password are not encrypted and could present security risks. Normally, this option must be disabled for most web sites.

Default Documents:

Default documents are used by the web server to identify a default document whenever a browser request does not specify a document name. Specify default documents in a top-down search order. The default document can have any name with a valid extension, such as myfile.aspx.

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