Jobs Management in Joomla

Joomla is a flexible framework for website building and application building. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to have a job listing service in Joomla.

  1. Download JS Jobs extension for Joomla.
  2. Sign into Joomla as an Administrator. Go to menu “Extensions -> Extension Manager”: extension manager joomla tutorials arvixe hosting
  3. Upload and install JS Jobs: upload and install joomla extensions arvixe hosting
  4. After installing it, you will be redirected to the extension settings. Set the following to “Yes”:
    • Enable JS Jobs
    • Employer can register
    • Employer package required
    • Job Seeker package required requirements js jobs joomla
  5. Scroll down and set to “Yes” the final items. Click on “finish” to complete the installation: second requirements joomla tutorials
  6. The JS Jobs admin dashboard is pretty straightforward and complete. You can see full statistics of jobs posted as well as how many people applied for jobs: JS Jobs Administration dashboard joomla tutorials arvixe hosting
  7. Unlike other extensions, JS Jobs works without changing anything else. Applicants can instantly see their control panel, apply for jobs and send resumes: JS Applicant panel joomla arvixe

And that’s it!

This concludes Jobs management in Joomla.

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