IPv4 near the end, while IPv6 becoming the new era


In a world of constant changes, of rapid population growth, day by day technology is improved; more and more users get into this tech world. It’s increasing that much that the unassigned IPv4 addresses are running out, but don’t worry, there’s a new technology being implemented, it’s the IPv6.


IPv4 supports 4,294,967,296 different IP addresses, and starting 2010, there were less than 10% of unassigned IP addresses left. IPv6 supports 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 addresses! IPv6 will improve the whole internet service, it will provide permanent IP addresses to phones and mobile devices in general.

IPv6 data packets are not compatible with IPv4’s without an intermediary that can easily convert them. This new packets are designed to minimize the processing by routers. When you connect to an IPv6 router, it automatically configures your device.

Another characteristic of this IPv6 standard, is the larger 128 addresses unlike IPv4’s 32 bits addresses.


This was a brief description of the new IPv6 standard. Hope it gave you a better understanding, if you want to find out more, there’s a bunch of information, just search for ‘IPv6’ on the Internet, and have fun! Anything you need, please write a comment, and I’d be glad to assist you.


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