Introduction to Alfresco Public API

In this post I am going to give some introduction about Alfresco’s Public API because although it’s been a while it is being launched there is not much of awareness about those.

Why is this API required?

Alfresco already had set of APIs and which are already quite rich and powerful in terms of functionality then why do they need another set of APIs? Answer is that at those APIs are limited to on premise version only they are not meant for cloud or mobile, but after recent changes in the alfresco architecture and with the launch of Hybrid model of Alfresco it is being very essential to have set of APIs which could work both on cloud and on premise. That is where this Public APIs comes into picture.

What is the Alfresco API

As per the definition given on Alfresco wiki. Alfresco API is a public API that enables you to persist content to Alfresco in the Cloud. It uses OAuth2 handshake mechanism for authentication.

The API consists of two parts:

  • CMIS, for creating, querying, updating, and deleting documents and folders
  • Alfresco REST calls for Alfresco functionality that CMIS doesn’t cover.
Alfresco Public API

Alfresco Public API

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Above figure makes it very much clear where exactly those APIs can be used. Those APIs are capable of running against on premise as well as cloud.

As a developer if you need to use those API then you first have to signup to Once you’ve verified your email address, you can add applications to your profile. Each application has a unique authentication key and a secret. OAuth2 is used to handle authentication. One user can have multiple applications to one account.

Summary: With the rise in Mobile and Cloud these APIs have very crucial role to play. I will cover how to use those APIs in my upcoming post so, keep following these posts.

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