Introducing Umbraco – Installation Process

Umbraco is one of the leading .NET based open source content management system. In order to install it, you require access to Windows server with either .NET Framework 4 or .NET Framework 4.5

You can download Umbraco from here

You should also note that version 7.x.x can be installed only under .NET Framework 4.5. Hence, if you have access to .NET 4 then you should opt for version 6.1.6 or 6.2.0, which is slated to release on January 28, 2014.

Follow the steps given below to install Umbraco

(1) Download v6.1.6. Arvixe provides support for .NET Framework 4.5. But for the purpose of this writing, I am going to install version 6.

(2) Extract the ZIP file and upload the contents. With WebsitePanel provided by Arvixe, you can upload the ZIP file, extract it directly from within file manager.

Note: Create a new folder, copy the downloaded ZIP file and extract the contents into the newly created folder.

(3) Before uploading files, you should create a new Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database and corresponding user using WebsitePanel, which you have to provide during the installation of Umbraco.

(4) We have finished the initial work and are all set to install Umbraco

(5) Navigate to the home page of your site. You will view a screen with the caption – Welcome to the Umbraco installation


(6) Select Lets Get Started button to continue

(7) Read the license agreement and select Accept and Continue button

(8) Select the relevant database option, server, database name, username, password and click Install button. Since we have already created a blank SQL Server database, I have selected the first option.


(9) You will view a new page with the caption – Database installed after the completion of the installation. Select Continue button to proceed.

(10) The next step is to create a new admin user and password. These credentials are used by the site administrator to manage content. Provide the required details and select Create User button.

(11) Umbraco provides an option to install starter kits such as Simple, Blog, Personal, Business. You will view the required functionalities included with each starter kit if you hover the mouse over the respective icons.


(12) For the purpose of our demo, I have selected Personal starter kit.


(13) The next step is to install a skin


(14) If everything goes fine you will view a final confirmation page which enables you to either preview or manage the site.

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  1. Jose Villaro says:

    Hi Anand, thank you, great timing with this post.
    I’m about to create my site and upload a clients Umbraco site to my Arvixe account, both would be with versions 7.0.4, so I understand I shouldn’t have any problems, right?
    Thanks in advance.

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