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Hello, and welcome! My name is Pete Cooper and I am one of the newest team members of the Arvixe Community Liaison Program.

My role here at Arvixe is two-fold: firstly, I’m here to tell you more about Textpattern CMS, my preferred content management system weapon of choice, and the one I’ve been using for the last bunch of years. In addition, I am excited to be helping out on the Arvixe support forums, both in my role as an Arvixe Community Liaison and also as a Generally Helpful Swell Kinda Guy; I don’t have business cards with that particular job title, but hopefully you get the idea.

Textpattern is a flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system. It is free and open source. Whether you’re a blogger, editor, designer or programmer Textpattern might well be the best CMS you’ve never heard of, or perhaps it’s just not for you. I am keen to show and tell you more about this amazing CMS that has helped shape the way I publish websites and content on the web. Each month, I will be sharing practical advice covering many facets of Textpattern, including how to ensure your environment is configured correctly so Arvixe and Textpattern run harmoniously, along with occasional tidbits of useful stuff about creating/managing your content online and other Internet-related things. These are exciting times, my friend.

I’m really looking forward to it, and I hope you’ll join me. My blog posts will be available here for you to read, digest and provide feedback on, and I am confident you’ll see me around the Arvixe support forums regularly. I am very happy to assist where I can if you have specific Textpattern questions; please do not hesitate to create a discussion thread and drop me a line with a link if you’re stuck, perplexed or just curious. It’s absolutely OK to create a new forum thread and then either contact me directly or leave a comment in the feedback with directions to your post.

I have an action plan of what I’m going to share with you over the coming months, but this counts for nothing if it’s all one way. An important part of my role at Arvixe is to have your feedback guide me in what I offer you in the way of tutorials, advice and information. There’s a pretty high chance you’ve never heard of it, or perhaps dismissed it in favor of another content management system when you were shortlisting. This is a story I’ve read a few times in the past, sadly. I hope the Textpattern myths and mystery can be dispelled and you have more of an idea of what happens inside Textpattern after you’ve read my article and tutorials.

I don’t do CMS bashing, and I can’t think of any opportunity where I have done it in the past. You’re smart enough to make up your own mind as to what is the best tool for you. I am very happy to be honest about Textpattern’s strengths, and not be dismissive of its shortfalls; ultimately, you use the Internet in your own unique way and you should have a full set of information available to help you make your mind up to find the best tool for the job, whether that’s Textpattern or another content management system is a very personal decision.

As a closing statement, I will pledge to be as objective and transparent as I can be about Textpattern, while showing off what it can do for you. Who knows, perhaps this could be the start of a beautiful relationship in more ways than one…

A selection of things to come:

  • Installing and configuring Textpattern on Arvixe Web Hosting
  • Understanding the Textpattern administration interface
  • Managing content within Textpattern

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Author Spotlight

Pete Cooper

Pete Cooper has been using Textpattern since 2005. Textpattern is his preferred CMS weapon of choice. Its logical and flexible approach to content management makes Pete happy, as does its lightweight core and helpful user community. Pete's website - - runs on top of Textpattern and chronicles his day-to-day experiences from his home near the Atlantic in north Cornwall, United Kingdom.

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