Integrate Search Ability into Manufacturers Module in TomatoCart Admin Panel

In the manufacturer’s module of TomatoCart admin panel, it is impossible to filter the manufacturers because there isn’t any available search field in the top bar of the grid.

originalFor some stores, there are a lot of manufacturers added in the module. It is very useful to filter the manufacturers so as to find the correlative manufacturers effectively. Otherwise, it must be very frustrated to click the pages to find the needed manufacturer.

Now, we have enhanced the manufacturer’s module:

  1. Add the search bar in the top bar of the grid so as to let the store owner enter the name of the manufacturer to filter the grid.
  2. Store owner could click the enter key of the keyboard to search
  3. Add the letters dropped-down menu to filter the manufacturers based on the letter.


How to integrate this feature into your store?

Step 1. Download the

Step2. Unzip it and then copy the admin directory into your TomatoCart root directory. You need to override the directories and files if your copy process request confirmation.

That’s it. Afterwards, you could access your admin panel to filter the manufacturers.

If you can’t integrate this feature into your shop by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us via email to get the technical support. We promise that all of the Arvixe users will get our professional technical support freely. You just need to show us part of your Arvixe host information via email.

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