Integrate Disqus Comment System with WordPress

Are you bored with the traditional commenting system offered by WordPress? If yes, it is the time to migrate to third party tools such as Disqus Comment System.

(1) Install Disqus Comment System plugin from within the WordPress admin dashboard

(2) You can locate the Disqus option from the Comments section on the left side navigation panel.

(3) Before proceeding further, you have to login using the Disqus profile login and password. If you don’t have a profile you can create an account.


(4) The next step is to register your site to get an unique URL. You need not have to provide your blog URL. Instead you have to provide a shortname which will be displayed on the Disqus setup instructions page.

(5) The next step is to login using the Disqus login and password from within admin dashboard. You will be able to view your site name as soon as you login and the plugin will be installed completely.

You should note that all the comments posted from your blog will route through Disqus. You have to moderate the comments from within the Disqus dashboard in future.


If you observe your blog posts after the installation of Disqus plugin you will be able to view a new Disqus styled commenting system.


If you place your mouse over the Name field the other two options namely Email and Password will appear. Disqus is more or less a discussion based threading system which encourages readers to post comments.

Please share your views (Love/Hate) and comments if you use Disqus Comment System.

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