Installing WordPress Manually on ASP


Today we’ll be installing WordPress manually using Windows (ASP) hosting. First to and download the latest version.

Log into your hosting account, and Change the extensions on your website to 4.0 Integrated Pipeline:

Click on your website, and then over to the extensions tab (yours might look different, but the tab will still be there):

Set the site to 4.0 Integrated Pipeline, then click Update:

Enable full detailed errors. Not doing so will cause a 500 error. In the errors tab, check in the 3 boxes – IIS, ASP, ans and hit update.


On the left, click on file manager:

Then navigate to your install directory, In this case we’re installing in the root of a subdomain ( so I’ll place the WordPress ZIP file we downloaded earlier in this directory. Click upload, choose file, select the file, then click Upload. After the upload, check the box next to the file and click unzip:

Open the folder it makes, check the select all box, click move, then move the files into wwwroot:

Go back to the wwwroot folder, Select the edit button on the index.php file:

Change the following line from:




Save the file:

Once finished, browse to your domain (works best if you open it in a new browser tab), and install WordPress normally (this should look very familiar to anyone who has installed WordPress before:

Click through the steps, Back in your control panel, make a database using this guide:

Enter the info from the database, and click next:

If you see the following page, go back to your file manager tab and click create a file, name it wp-config.php, and paste the contents from the page in the file:

After that, back on your install tab, install WordPress normally, enter your admin user/pass, name, etc, and you’re done!

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2 Comments on Installing WordPress Manually on ASP

  1. Arinze C. says:

    Its been resolved. Thank you.

  2. Ferox says:

    I can confirm with WordPress 3.9.1 you no longer need to edit the index.php

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