Installing WHMCS via Softaculous

You can automatically install WHMCS via Softaculous in your cPanel control panel. WHMCS is a leading billing application targeting the web hosting industry. Through WHMCS you are able to automate your web hosting business from account creation, suspension, termination, invoice automation & so much more.

To install WHMCS via Softaculous:

  1. Login your cPanel Control Panel
  2. Under the section “Software/Services” look for the icon “Softaculous” (Alternatively use the “Search” feature located at the top left of cPanel)
  3. Once inside Softaculous locate on the left category menu “E-Commerce” and expand this option then look for and click on the “WHMCS” link
  4. You should now see a WHMCS overview page. On this page click the blue “Install” button
  5. Fill in this form to meet your specific needs – most fields are self-explanatory:
    Choose Protocol: If you have a dedicated IP & SSL set this to https:// otherwise leave it as http://
    In Directory: If you want this in a directory specify that directory here. If you want this in the root of your website then leave this field blank
    Admin Folder: This is the location of your operator area, it is recommended you change this to something different (Ex. /employees)
    Valid License Key: You can claim a FREE license for all Arvixe reseller packages. Input the license you received here (Ex. Leased-xxxxxxxxx)

Once you have filled in the rest of the fields click on the “Install” button below.

Now you should be presented with a confirmation message that WHMCS has successfully been installed. You can login to your admin area here: using the credentials you specified during the installation process.

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2 Comments on Installing WHMCS via Softaculous

  1. Nate says:

    Great post, but what about us ASP.NET Resellers? Please tell me there’s a way for use to install WHMCS ourselves, too!

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