Installing Themes in phpBB

This article will teach you everything you need to know on how to change themes inside phpBB

It really is quite simple. It does require a download of an extra program however
this program is called:
Make sure you click Download FileZilla Client not the server.

So first let us get FileZilla client set up. FileZilla is an easy way to move large files and multiple files at once into your public_html or www.root folder. It’s a FTP client (File Transfer Protocol)

So click the FZ icon on your desktop to load it up when it pops up you will see multiple boxes. Don’t get over whelmed for now all you care about is the top bar where you seep address username password and port and then next to that you will see connect.

So first type in your address. This is in an email that Arvixe provides to you when you first sign up. Or one that you set up.

It is usually something like this: so type that in. Then you will type in your user name that you use to log into cpanel or your billing account. After that type the password you use to, login the same.

You should see a bunch of things happen in the box below, the login bar. What you are looking for the most is Connected. If you see that you should be good. The Connection is Green in this box if you see red you might have typed it wrong or FTP isn’t set up.

After that you go down to the two boxes that are side by side. The one on the left is your computer and the one on your right is the web server that your site is hosted on. So you need to go into the folder itself and find the subfolder. Usually the subfolder has all of the themes and images etc. make sure you put the subfolder onto your server. Don’t upload the parent folder because the theme won’t be recognized.

Ok now onto how to actually do it on your forum. So log into your Admin Control Panel (from here on it will be referred to as ACP).
Now on the top of this you will see a few different tabs. We are only concerned with one. It’s called Styles. So go ahead and click that.

Now you should see the page Styles as well as a few links on the left hand side. They are Style Management and then Style Components and a sub for those are Templates Themes and Imagesets.
What you are concerned with are Styles, Templates and Themes.

So we have to install our theme in all three of the posted above. So let’s start at the bottom click Themes. Now you will see a page that says Themes. You will see Installed Themes and Uninstalled themes. So in Uninstalled themes you should see your theme. Whatever the name may be. For this example we will call our theme Black. So next to the theme name you will see a link that says Install. Go ahead and click that. You will now see an install theme page. This page will show you the name and copywrite and where you want it to be stored at. I always use the default which is Filesystem. So click submit and it should show you the Theme successfully installed box.

Now go to the Templates page and do the same click install save it in Filesystem and click submit.
Now we need to click on Styles. You will see the same again and click install. However this part is a bit different. You will see an Options part. It has Active and Make Default Style and two radio buttons for each. So for the Active Part click yes and for the Make Default Style click yes or no then click submit.

Ok one final step. At the top left of the page you will see those boxed links again. Click on general and it will take you to the general config page for your forum. On the left you will see a ton of links for different things to do. Click Board Settings underneath Board Configuration. It will show another menu. What you are looking for is Default Style. There is a drop down box next to it. Click the button to bring down the menu. Select the Style that you want and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click submit. Go to your forums Board index and it should show the Theme you just installed!

There will be pictures added soon. If there are any questions please feel free to ask me!
Thank you again!

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