How to Install SohoLaunch Site Builder from your cPanel

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to install SohoLaunch Site Builder from your cPanel.

When purchasing a web hosting plan, there is a great chance that your account is already equipped with a default site builder.  This could be the RV Builder utility or a similar program.  While these tools may perform the needed services, many prefer more powerful and comprehensive applications to build their site with.  If this sounds like you, a software tool known as SohoLaunch may be of interest!

What is SohoLaunch?

SoloLaunch is a user-friendly software program that allows you to easily build and maintain a professional website regardless of experience.

You do not have to know PHP, ASP or even programming technologies as basic as HTML.  Unlike applications such as Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver, you do not have to install SohoLaunch on your local hard drive. The software operates on your host’s web server and can be directly accessed from a web-based interface. Best of all, the program is free to use as it comes included with your web hosting account.  Getting started is easy, but first you have to install the program, which is what we will discuss in this cPanel tutorial.

How to Install SohoLaunch from your cPanel

– Log in to your cPanel account

– Locate and click on the “Fantastico” icon at the bottom of the main page

– Under the “Site Builders” category, click on the link that reads “SohoLaunch Pro Edition”

– On the new page, you should see information regarding the SohoLauch application.  Click on the “New Installation” link to proceed with the installation

Installing SohoLaunch is much easier and even faster than other Fantastico scripts.  All you have to do is select the domain you want to install the software on.  You will also be required to create a username and password to designate as your administrative credentials.  Keep in mind that SohoLaunch requires a clean directory for a successful installation.  If you already have a website stored on your root directory, you will have to create a separate one to install the program.  After entering the required information, simply the click “Install Pro Edition” tab.

When the next page loads, Fantastico will let you know that it needs to create a MySQL database and user in order to install the software.  Simply click on “Finish Installation” and wait for Fantastico to work its magic.  This process should not take long at all.  Once the process is complete, Fantastico will give notification and provide a link that takes you directly to the SohoLaunch administrative area.  From there, you can log in and start building your new website.

This concludes how to install SohoLaunch Site Builder from your cPanel

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