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Installing Textpattern CMS the manual way is pretty straightforward. The process, however easy or difficult you find it, it a one involving many steps. For users of a technical and/or curious persuasion, this might be a good fit, while other folks might be dreading the downloading, uploading, databases and config files. There is another option, that lets you install Textpattern to your Arvixe hosting with far less work involved. You don’t need to mess with any of the FTP stuff, any databases or config files: you just click a few things and the magic will happen. This option is brought to you by Softaculous, a package installed that integrates with Arvixe’s implementation of cPanel for a very easy installation process.

To install Textpattern using Softaculous, open cPanel on your hosting and scroll down to the Softaculous panel:

Textpattern is not included on the top row of the Softaculous, you’ll find it by clicking on the Blogs icon, which in turn brings up a list of all the blog software Softaculous offers. Scroll down until you find Textpattern:

Click on the Textpattern name or the disk icon to bring up more information about Textpattern:

Click the blue Install button. You will be given a single page of boxes to fill in, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. This is a one-off process, but you will need to make a note of some usernames and passwords for when you log in to the administration area of Textpattern at a later time. Having installed Textpattern myself many times, I have some recommendations for the options you’re going to be asked for in this one-page setup. The following screenshot is an example of how things should look, although you should set your own non-trivial password.

The In Directory option should be left blank if you intend to run Textpattern straight from the root of your domain. The file index.php will be written to this location and that’s where Textpattern does its stuff from. You can, of course, set Textpattern up in a directory of your choosing if you’re testing it out alongside another CMS, such as WordPress or Drupal. Having it in a different folder will reduce the chances of conflicts across your site.

The Database Name option will be tacked onto your username, so pick something snappy but identifiable. I chose ‘txpdb’ to remind me it’s a Textpattern database. The MySQL username and password will be taken care of by Softaculous, so you need not enter these anywhere. You don’t need a Table Prefix if Textpattern has its own database, frankly. If you intend to run >1 Textpattern instance from a single database, then you will need prefixes; at the time of writing there are no practical limits on the number of MySQL databases you can have on Arvixe, so keep one Textpattern instance to one database for simplicity.

Think of a username and password for the admin account, make a note of both (you’ll need these in a few minute) and then enter your name and email address. When you’ve got this far, click Install and watch stuff happen. The install process should less than a minute, and when it’s complete you will see something like this:

And that’s it. Done. You can now use the links in the confirmation screen to enter your username and password to login at the Textpattern administration page. Congratulations, you just installed Textpattern the really easy way.

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