How to Insert Custom Pages in Dolphin 7.1

Hello and welcome! Today I’ll show you how to add a new page to your Dolphin 7.1 website. Creating a new page is useful in many situations and allows us to add any content we wish to our website.

We’ll start by logging into our Dolphin admin and selecting “Pages Builder” under the “Builders” sub-heading on the left side menu. Now select “Add Page” on the page builder bar.

Accessing the page builder admin

Accessing the page builder admin

A pop-up box will appear. Enter the “page uri” which is what will appear in the url for the page. It should have no spaces or special characters. Now enter the “page title” which can be anything you choose. When you have entered both those click “Create Page”.

Naming your new page

Naming your new page

After the page is created you MUST add at least one column. Most Dolphin pages have two columns but the second column is not mandatory. To create the first column click “Add Column” on the page builder bar. If you would like your new page to have two columns you may click it a second time.

Adding the columns

Adding the columns

Now that we have created the page and added two columns we can adjust the width of the page and the width ratio of the columns.
There is a slider bar at the top of the page builder section that allows us to adjust the width of the page. The standard Dolphin page width is 998px. There is a bar below our two new columns that allows us to adjust the size of the two columns in proportion to the page.

Once the columns are adjusted to our liking we can drag and drop blocks on to our new page. By default “html” and “rss” are the only blocks available for user created pages. In the example I have placed an html block in each column.

That’s it! Our new page is complete and can be accessed by going to:

Where “pagename” is the “page uri” you selected when you created the page. It can now be added to any menu or link on your dolphin site.

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