Increase Search Result Threshold Value in Alfresco

Increase Search Result threshold value in Alfresco

One the main requirement for any of Content Management system is that it should have strong search capabilities. Once all documents are stored in CMS user should be able to search them easily based on metadata or text content. Alfresco use Lucene search engine to assist this search capability and it is pretty strong and efficient. Out of box alfresco search is being limited to fetch only 1000 records during search to make it efficient but for larger repositories there are many times where we need to remove this search restriction on result size.

So, here are steps to remove that search result restriction on alfresco search.

To increase search result size you need to add following properties in

Step 1

Open this file


And change following entries as per below

# The maximum time spent pruning results


# The maximum number of results to perform permission checks against


Place above file under following location in Alfresco installation

Lucene is configured to pick up result size from this property file so that whatever size you specify over here will be applicable to Lucene.

Step 2:

Also Change Max search result value from 250 to 20000 in following configuration of share-config-custom.xml

Here we are removing restriction from user interface so that it will allow more than 1000 results to be accommodated on interface. Out of box it is 1000 here we have changes it to 20000.

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Search">


         <!-- default minimum length for search terms -->


         <!-- default maximum number of results for a search -->


       <!-- Repository search configuration option -->




Once you do above changes restart your server.

You will see search restriction are removed you will be able to fetch more than 1000 records at a times. Still there is a maximum limit of 20000 records and it is always advisable to have some upper limit defined on your search so that you will not run out of memory even by mistake if you fire some kind of query which could have very large result set. Hope this would help to resolve your issue.

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