Improve Elgg 1.9 Performance

Elgg 1.9 has several enhancements and new tools for the administrator. One of the new tools is that we can improve the performance of our site Elgg. Simple cache increases performance by caching static content including some CSS and JavaScript files, The simple cache can also improve performance by compressing JavaScript and CSS files and The system cache decreases the loading time of Elgg by caching data to files. In this article I will explain how to Improve performance in Elgg 1.9
Getting Started

1. Sign into your elgg network as an administrator:

panel adminsitration elgg improve performance

2. In the Administration Dashboard. Go to the menu “Configure -> Settings -> Advanced Settings“:

menu advance settings improve performance elgg

3. In this section, we strongly recommend to select the following options:

• Use single cache.
• Compress JavaScript.
• Compress CSS.
• Use system cache.

select options improve performance elgg

4. Save the changes and that’s it! You improved caching configuration.

This concludes Improve Elgg Performance in elgg 1.9

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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