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During my alfresco implementations various times I come across this requirement where client wants to migrate all their business documents from the typical file system or shared drive to Alfresco repository. This quite obvious requirement as main purpose of using ECM is to manage Business critical documents but what about the documents which were already produced before ECMS is in place for organization.

Alfresco allows import of zip file. Son one option is to put all the contents into zip file and import it in alfresco where once it is uploaded in alfresco it will create all respective contents within alfresco repository by reading that zip file.


Steps for Importing Zip file

1)      Go to space details page

2)      Click on Import action from right hand side panel.

3)      You will be redirected to Import Dialog click on browser button.

4)      Select Zip file from your file system which you want to import in alfresco.

5)      Click Finish

You will be able to see all the contents being created under the space where you have imported that zip file.

ACP Export

We often have requirement where we needs to migrate contents from one alfresco instance to another. For instance we are using Alfresco for Web Content Management where two different instance of Alfresco are configured. One will act as authoring environment and other will be production environment. Generally this is recommended environment as it give optimal performance and easy to manage things. In this case once contents are produced on authoring instance and ready to go to production environment one way to do it is though replication jobs. Other way is through ACP files.

ACP stands for Alfresco Content Package

Steps to Export ACP

1)      Go to Space Detail Page.

2)      Click on Export link on right side panel.

Alfresco Import Export Links

Alfresco Import Export Links

3)      Select space where you want to save ACP file.

4)      Check includes sub spaces and current space check box based on your requirement.

Alfresco ACP Export Dialog

Alfresco ACP Export Dialog

5)      Click Ok. You will be able to see “ArvExportTest.acp” file created in your space.

Alfresco Exported ACP file

Alfresco Exported ACP file

6)      Download that file in your file system.

Steps to Import ACP

1)      Log in to Alfresco instance where you want to import ACP.

2)      Browse to the space where you want to import.

3)      Go to space details page.

4)      Click on import button.

5)      Select file from file system which you have exported and downloaded “ArvExportTest.acp”.

6)      You will be able to see the contents being created under the space where you have imported ACP.

Precaution during Export import of ACP

1)      Both Alfresco instances should be of same version.

2)      If there are any contents of custom content types are created and exported in ACP same content model has to be deployed on destination instance as well.

3)      Both Source and Destination environment should be matching.

4)      Disable the rules within space where you are importing ACP file as it may create issue.

Hope this helps you in your implementations I will have more on this topic in my upcoming posts so keep following this space for more updates.

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