Icons, Smiles & Avatars in ocPortal

oc_iconI wanted to write a bit about adding to and editing some of the peripheral graphics elements within ocPortal. These are namely Icons, Smilies and Avatars. It’s fairly common for owners and administrators of community sites to want to be able to tailor some of the graphical elements to their community. This is very common when a site is being migrated from one system to another and users are comfortable with certain avatars, icons and smilies.

Here’s how to edit them to suit your needs.

Icons in ocPortal

This addon is called ocIcon and was made by the main programmer behind ocPortal, Chris Graham.

To install this addon

  • Log in to your adminzone
  • Navigate to the structure and then addons section of the Adminzone
  • Scroll down to and click import non bundled addons
  • On the next screen select the download check box an expand the Graphical addons section of the tree
  • Select ocIcons and click the Import Non-Bundled addons button
  • The next screen will show you which files will be update as the addon is installed. It is important you check this list carefully if you have changed any templates on your site or any of the other coding. There should only be around 5 or 6 files for this addon
  • Once you are happy click proceed which is found in the bottom right

If you would like to edit the files yourself via FTP you can find them in your FTP in the Themes > Default > images > bigicons folder. Take care if you change the icons to make sure you don’t upload any files of different pixel sizes as this will likely break your theme.

Smilies in ocPortal

add emoticonLike Icons, there is a ready-made addon to add extra Smilies or emoticons to your ocPortal website. This is called ocSmilies and can be installed in the normal way of installing an addon as above. Just make sure you choose ocSmilies instead of ocIcons.  There is also an emoticons section to the adminzone where you can add and edit smilies for your website.  This section can be found in the style section of the adminzone and then choose Emoticons.

You have three options:

  • Import Emoticons which allows you to upload a zipped file of  multiple images which will be added to the emoticons list
  • Add emoticon which allows you to add single emoticons or add the cod for the emoticons you uploaded through the import Emoticons option
  • Edit Emoticon allows you to edit all of the Emoticons you have added

If you would like to add the files via FTP you can find them in your FTP in the Themes > Default > images > ocf_emoticons folder.

Avatars in ocPortal

ocPortal comes with a range of example or default Avatars included but you may want to upload your own set or even delete the default ones completely. If you would like to edit the files via FTP you can find them in your FTP in the Themes > Default > images > ocf_default_avatars folder

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