I want my website to be popular, what do I do it about?


I bet most of you have asked yourselves this question: what do I do my website about? Most of the time, it’s not a question you ask yourself when it’s your very first website, because for our first website, we had an idea of what we wanted to do. For example, I wanted a YouTube(YT) like website, I wanted to be the next YT, sounds silly, or maybe sounds similar to what you wanted, right =P? If you were like me, you’re website probably didn’t become the next YT, maybe it did, but if not, you now might have realized that your content has to be unique and focused. I’ll tell you in what to think when creating a website, tips, and useful stuff. Hope you find it interesting. I’d love to see your comments & thoughts.


Alright, we are good, I’ve caught your attention now :). We regularly think big, we think of the next YT, the next FB, and so on.. I’m not saying you’re not gonna do it, cause every big project started with a dream, the best example is Mr. Disney, who created the world of his dreams: Disneyland, the most known chain of entertainment parks in the world. If he did, why wouldn’t we?

If you want to be the next Twitter, go ahead, build your website, but be prepared to spend LOTS of money advertising your website to get noticed and start competing against the multi millionaire companies. If you are not prepared nor have the thousands of dollars needed to promote it, you need to innovate. You need to come up with something new, start by asking yourself: “What do people need?”.. Think of it a little bit.. It’s not that easy, huh? You might say communication? Well, there’s FB. Video sharing? YT.. Ummm.. You gotta go further than what we have, you might start noticing that your ideas are what we already have, again, we need to innovate. If there’s no necessity of something, it’s time to make something a necessity. FB wasn’t needed when it was first created, same goes for YT, Twitter, etc, they made it a necessity for the world.

What would you like to do on the internet? What would be cool to do? Time for a brainstorm. Take a piece of paper and start writing everything that comes from your mind in a list. Take that paper with you the next days so whenever an idea comes to your mind, you can write it. By the way, did you know a lot of times ideas come in really awkward moments? Yeah, it’s true, let’s imagine the creation of the headphones, I really don’t know the story of the creation, but let’s imagine somebody in the night  wanting to hear music, I don’t know, while everybody was already sleeping, and decided to invent something to be able to hear music without other people hearing it. Sounds strange, but that’s how good ideas come up, when you develop the necessity of something.

When some days have passed and you have plenty of things written in your paper, sit down and do the following in the same order:

  1. Find duplicates and cross one.
  2. Find things that already exist and cross them.

~At this point your list should have been reduced by a 70%~

Remember not to cross things you might think are dumb or something you think nobody will need, because maybe right now you think it’s dumb, but in the future it’s the most used website! Anyway, how many ideas do you have right now on your paper, like 5? 5 still sounds a lot for me, but maybe you’re really good at this. Now from here, choose the best one you see and start developing, probably you can comment it with a friend, but don’t go with your friend opinion if he/she says it’s stupid, I’m telling you this, because people might think it’s stupid now, but what in the future?

As I said, start developing or hiring someone to code the website for you. Of course you will also need to invest money in the creation, advertising, etc. If you have contacts, you can get a good sponsor to invest in your idea.


Always think BIG, but don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t go the way you expected. Also, don’t think in the money you will earn, think of the success you will have. People that do things for money do not always go big; remember that you will start from zero, and will be gaining popularity as time passes.


I hope this has given you a little idea of the process. I would really appreciate some feedback in this article, as I would like to know what you think about it. Oh, if you’ve been following my previous articles, you can notice that this article was written in a sort of informal way, I wanted to keep it serious while getting a connecting with you, the reader.

P.S. If your website goes big, don’t forget about me 🙂 *joking*


Warm Regards,


Owner of www.Juapo2Services.com

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