Warn Members in Mod Panel in phpBB

Hello I will be talking about how to warn members using the Moderation Panel in phpBB.

NOTE: I am assuming that you have already read my first post about using moderation panel.

First log into your board then navigate to your Moderation Control Panel in the top left corner.  From there you will click Warnings it will look like this:


You will click Find a Member if you can’t think of their name it will bring up a pop up box that looks like the following:


As you can see you have quite a few options to search and it pulls up what members you have registered at the bottom so what you will do is find the member that you want and click select under their name as follows:


Just click select and the pop up window will close and you will be taken back to the Moderation window with new options available for selection. You will click submit after you select the user you want to Warn.


You will then type the reason for the warning and click Notify Member of warning.

After you do that you will click submit. This is what your form will look like before you click submit:


Click submit and you will get a screen that will tell you that it has been completed successfully.

There you go, you’re all done Warning a User on your forums!

I hope this helps if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

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