How to Use Index Manager in cPanel

The Index Manager in cPanel is used to manage the look and feel of the directories on the web hosting account.  It gives you the ability to define their presentation, letting you display your directories in four different ways:

Default System Settings – With this option, the setting initially defined by the system determines how directories will be displayed when you access them.

No Indexes – This is the setting to use if do not want the system to use an index.

Standard Indexing – This uses a standard indexing format that displays no images.  It is a great option for directories that contain a lot of files and need to be loaded quickly without consuming too many resources.

Fancy Indexing – This setting is graphic-based and formats your directories for the benefit of presentation.  In the cPanel environment, this is usually the default setting you get.

With exception of Default System Settings, all of the above settings should work in most web browsers.

Working in the Index Manager

Setting up your folders is a simple process that can be done very quickly.  As you probably know, manually browsing through your folders and subfolders can be a little confusing.  For this reason, you may want to pay close attention to each step.  It is also important to remember that you do not need to place settings on folders that contain index files.  This could lead to problems so you need to be cautious when making these adjustments.  Keeping this in mind, follow these steps to customize your directories:

– Log in to cPanel and click on the “Index Manager” icon underneath the “Advanced” category.  This will bring up the directories installed on your hosting account.

– If you want to work with a main folder in the root directory, simply click on it.

When the next page loads, you will then be able to choose from the options we mentioned above:

– Default System Settings

– No Indexes

– Standard Indexing (text only)

– Fancy Indexing (graphics)

After making your selection, click on “Save”.

– If you want to change the settings on one of your sub directories, simply click on the directory it is located in and disregard the current settings.

– Navigate to the bottom of the page and find the link that reads: “Back To /home/username/public_html/folder/.”  Just click this link and it will show you the directory listing for that particular folder.

From here, the folder you need can easily be selected and adjusted with the settings of your choice.

How to Remove Settings

Removing settings on your directories is just as easy as applying them.  All you have to do is click on the folder you want the settings removed from and choose “Default System Setting”.  Doing this will revert everything back to the previous state.


It is highly recommended to check the permissions on each individual folder before applying settings to your directories.  If they are not applied correctly, those directories may become inaccessible.

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