Using Userforms in Silverstripe CMS

If you need to have forms on your website, the easiest way is to use UserDefinedForms. In this tutorial, I tell you how to install the Userdefinedforms module and how to config it.

  1. Download the Userforms from github – here
  2. Unpack and rename the folder to ‘userforms’
  3. Upload the ‘userforms’ folder to your website root folder
  4. Use to rebuild the database.
  5. Go to cms and add a page using page-type ‘User Defined Form’
  6. Go to the ‘form’ tab to insert the fields you want to use on your form.
  7. In the ‘Options’ tab, you can rename the submit button and add a clear button.
  8. Next, in the ‘Email Recipient’ tab, you can add the sender/receiver information.
  9. In next tab, ‘On Completion,’ you can add the lines the form shows after the submission.
  10. In the last tab, ‘Submissions,’ you can see the latest submissions or you can disable saving submissions to server.

Now config lines you need for spamprotection field:

  1. To install spamprotection fields you need to download two sets of files: 1. Mathspamprotection – here 2. Spamprotection itself – here
  2. Upload the content of both packages to your website root using names ‘mathspamprotection’ and ‘spamprotection’.
  3. Open mysite/_config.php and add the line:
  4. Save _config.php and use to rebuild the database.
  5. Now you can add Spam protection field under the ‘Form’ tab

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