How to Use the Simple Gallery Plugin in Silex

Add a great gallery to your Silex’s website!

Summer is here and vacations picture are coming…what about creating a dedicated website with Silex and using the simple gallery plugin to share your best memories?

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a gallery with the related plugin. Let’s go!

Step 1: Your pictures

Of course, to create a gallery you need pictures!

Select the wanted pictures in png and/or jpg format (both are working).
Rename it in a simple way (for example: picture1, picture2, picture3, etc…)

Open your Silex server and go to the “media” directory. Then create a new folder (for example “gallery”) and put all your pictures in it.

Step 1 is over!

This step in video:

Step 2: Install the Simple Gallery plugin

To be able to use the Simple Gallery plugin, you have to install it on your Silex server. To do so, connect to your Silex’s manager.

In the “Home” section, click on “Exchange Platform”.
Then, choose “Exchange platform”. Click on “Plugins” category.

Scroll down until you find “Simple gallery“. When found, just click on it.

Click on “Install this item“, “Start installation” and confirm by clicking “Yes“. Just wait during the installation.

This message appears: “The installation processed successfully”

Step 2 is over!

This step in video:

Step 3: Activate it for your publication

The Simple Gallery is now installed on your Silex server, but you have to activate it for your publication to use it.

To do so, go to the Manage section of your Silex’s manager.

Select your publication in the list. Then click on “Plugin” section.

Here, click on “Activate a plugin“. Choose “Simple Gallery” in the list and click on “Confirm“. Click on “Save“, confirm by clicking “OK” and it’s done!

Step 3 is over!

This step in video:

Step 4: Import the Simple Gallery on your publication

The simple gallery is activated for your publication, you can now import it!

To do so, open your publication in edition mode (login and click on the white arrow on the left side bar).

Open the WYSIWYG (the black arrow at the bottom). Select the layer where you want to import your gallery.

Then click on “add component“, choose “Gallery” on the list and click on ‘import“.

A gallery with default pictures appears on your publication!

Step 4 is over!

This step in video:

Step 5: Customize your Simple Gallery

The simple gallery is imported, you can now add your own pictures.

To do so, select the “SimpleGallery” in the component’s list.

You have a field named “Pictures URLs” with an “edit” button; just click on that button.

You can see three lines with a path “media/simplegallery/silex1.jpg” etc…
You are going to replace it with the path leading to your pictures (look at step 1)

In the example took in step 1, it would be:


You can easily add additional pictures by clicking on the “+”.

When you have done, click on “confirm“. Then click on the disquette (left side bar) to save all your changes.

Your own pictures appear on the gallery. To see them, pass on navigation mode and close your WYSIWYG.

You can now play with the simple gallery other properties, to adapt it to your needs.

Step five is over so as this tutorial!

This step in video:

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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