How to Use SMTP e-mail Server Instead of PHP mail() in Clip-Bucket v2


Working on a client’s website, I found out that using the SMTP e-mail server instead of PHP mail(), would speed up the website and wouldn’t consume much resources from server. Also, the most important, e-mails will have less chances of being taken to the SPAM folder. This article works for any branch of the v2 script.

Difficulty level: Easy

Once you have created your e-mail account:

1. Login into the admin_area

2. On left column, look for Email Settings in the Stats And Configurations tab. Click it.

3. In the first drop down, select smtp as the Mailer

4. Fill in the next boxes. See image below.

The host, most of the times is “mail.yourdomain.tld”. Please check with your web host provider.

The port, is usually 25, but again, check with your web host provider.

The username, is the e-mail address you created, for example: outgoing@yourdomain.tld

The password, is the password of the e-mail address you created.

Enable SMTP authentication.

5. Click Update

There you go! Your site will now start sending e-mails through SMTP and not mail() function. If you have any questions, comments, or problems, do not hesitate to contact me, please, I’ll be more than glad to assist you with anything.

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  1. luciano says:

    hello Richi
    I use the latest version of ClipBucket, I followed your instructions but does not send email.

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