Use OVA with PakPlayer in Clip-Bucket v2


Maximize your earnings by implementing advertisements while your video is playing on your video player! The OVA plugin gives you the ability to run ad code during video playback by calling it from an external Ad Server. Learn more about the plugin here. Keep reading here to learn how to implement it in your own website! Tested under CB v2.6, yet should work for the whole v2 branch.

**Backup the files that are to be edited in case you would like to revert changes**

1. Once you have your Ad URL from the supported VAST servers, open ./players/pak_player/player.html
2. Find:

plugins: {

and after that, paste:

ova: {
	               url: "",

        	       "autoPlay": true,

        	       "ads": {
        	           "playOnce": false,
        	           "servers": [
        	                   "type": "OpenX",
        	                   "apiAddress": ""
        	           "schedule": [
        		           "position": "pre-roll"

3. Modify

"servers": [
 "type": "OpenX",
 "apiAddress": ""

+Replace OpenX with the Ad Server you chose.

+Replace apiAddress with your Ad URL.

**Note that this example is just for you know where you need to add the code in Clip-Bucket to get results. OVA plugin comes in a commercial version, therefore you must pay to use it.

Learn more about OVA and its more in-depth configurations here.

If you get stuck at any point implementing different configurations, please let me know so I can personally assist you. Any comment, question or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


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I started programming when I was 12. I'm a Developer and have been working with the Clip-Bucket script since it came out. I'm the Liaison between Arvixe and Clip-Bucket, so anything you need regarding Clip-Bucket or any particular computer-related subject you need, let me know so I can assist you.

7 Comments on Use OVA with PakPlayer in Clip-Bucket v2

  1. Kou Lee says:

    HI Richi, I new to clipbucket and I want to know how to set up an eamil to my site, so when people visit my site and they contact me, I will get the email. Because now I didn’t know where the massage people contact me go.

  2. Kou Lee says:

    Hi richi, Do you know anyther way how to stop spam user to join my clipbucket site because I have enble Captcha and remove sign up page but they can still join my site

    • Hello,

      First, thanks for contacting me. If by removing the sign up page, you that you have physically deleted the file signup.php, how are they registering in your site?


  3. Kou Lee says:

    Hi Richi,
    I remove the sign up page in the home page but not the file signup.php. I read some form in clipbucket and other people stop spam user by doing that. But it not working for.

  4. Priya says:

    Hi, I am looking for a solution about “How to implement in-video ad code in cb-player?”.

    Please share a guide for this. I am running the latest version of ClipBucket.

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