How to Upload Users in Elgg 1.8

From time to time, when running an Elgg network, you will need to create user accounts for people. Creating one by one can be a long and tedious process. For that reason, in this article, I will give a step by step guide on how to upload several users at once in Elgg 1.8

1. In order to upload more than one user at a time in Elgg, we will require a tool that will allow you to do that, which is CSV User Upload for Elgg 1.8. Download this tool here

2. After downloading it, unzip it and upload the plugin to the mod directory in your Elgg installation

3. Now, sign in as an Administrator on your Elgg site and go to the Administration Dashboard:

4.  Then go to menu “Configure -> Plugins”

5. On the plugin list, activate User import 1.8.1

6. Once activated, on the right sidebar menu it will appear a new option available only for administrators, which is Upload Users.  Go to “Administer->Users-> Upload Users” to access the Upload users screen:

7. To upload your users, you need to put them in a .csv file. This file can be created with Microsoft Excel and is very easy. An example of a valid and simple csv file with users:

username; password; name; email; interests

Test; John Mayes;; Elgg, php, jQuery

CSV Example File for uploading users in elgg

8. After you save the .csv file, upload it. Remember to set the delimeter to a semi colon (“;“) Then click “Next”:

uploading users in elgg

9. After uploading you will be taken to another screen, in which you will see if there was an error while uploading users or not. If not, you will have to confirm the creation of the users:

10. And that’s it! You just uploaded new users:

This now concludes how to upload users in Elgg 1.8

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3 Comments on How to Upload Users in Elgg 1.8

  1. Kent Chen says:

    Appreciate the tips you’ve provided, its a time saver for me! Thanks!

  2. bruce says:

    that plugin will not upload more than 200 users at a time. Kind of sucks

    • Hi!

      If you are uploading more than 200 users, you need to log into your cPanel (not elgg) and change the following PHP values:

      upload_max_filesize = 20M

      post_max_size = 20M

      max_execution_time = 700

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