How to Upgrade Your Elgg 1.8 Network With Softaculous

In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to upgrade your Elgg 1.8 network with Softaculous. First, sign in as an admin in Elgg and follow these steps:

1. Go to the administration page, and then click on right side menu click on Plugins. On the plugins page, click on Disable all:

2. Now, sign into your cPanel and look for Softaculous. Click on it:

3. Now you will be taken to the Softaculous page. On the left menu, click Social Networking. A sub menu will appear, and on that sub menu, click on Elgg. First thing that we are going to do here is to backup the site. Click on the backup icon right next to your Elgg installation to start the backup process:

4. On the backup page, just hit the Backup Installation button:

5. Don’t close the window; wait for the backup process to finish:

6. After the backup is done, you will be taken to the Elgg Softaculous overview page. In here, look for the Elgg installation and click on the upgrade icon (two blue arrows) to start the upgrade process:

7. On the upgrade page, just click on the upgrade button:


8. Do not close the window. Wait for the upgrade to finish:

8. After it is done you will be directed to a confirmation page and that is it, you just upgraded your Elgg 1.8 network:

Keeping Elgg up to date is very important. We strongly suggest upgrading whenever a new version becomes available. Several users were asking for the process to upgrade Elgg 1.8, so if you have any questions about this guide, please ask them here.

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Happy Hosting!

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