How to Upgrade Elgg From Your cPanel Using Softaculous

In this article I will show you how to upgrade elgg with Softaculous. Sign into your Elgg site as an admin and follow these steps:

1. Go to Tool Administration and disable all plugins:

2. Once all plugins have been disabled, go to the software/services section and click on Softaculous:

3. In Softaculous, go to the Social Networking section and click on Elgg:

4. Inside the Elgg section, you will see the overview, which will show you the current elgg installation in your site. Click on the blue arrows to start the upgrading process of your site to the latest version of Elgg:

5. Then you will be taken to another screen where you have to confirm the upgrade, just click on that to finish upgrading:

6. And that’s it. You will get a confirmation page informing you about the changes:

This now concludes How to Upgrade Elgg From Your cPanel Using Softaculous.

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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2 Comments on How to Upgrade Elgg From Your cPanel Using Softaculous

  1. Hi Rodolfo,
    Will this update to the latest ELGG version, elgg1.8 ?
    Do you do any ELGG development?

    • Rodolfo Hernandez says:

      Well, elgg 1.8 is scheduled to be released in three weeks. Until then it will be available on softaculous. Yes, I do elgg development, I have done 4 elgg projects so far

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