How to turn on SMTP Authentication on Thunderbird

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to turn on SMTP authentication on your account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

1) Open Thunderbird.


2) Click “Tools” and then select “Account Settings”


3) Click “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”


4) Select the SMTP server you want to configure and then click “Edit”


5) Check the “Use name and password” box and fill in your full user name in the space for User Name


6) Click OK

This concludes how to turn on SMTP authentication on Thunderbird

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2 Comments on How to turn on SMTP Authentication on Thunderbird

  1. ijalejal says:

    sir.. how to setting my thunderbird to turn on smtp setting using arvixe?
    how do i get mail@arvixe?
    how to check my port?

    • Alex says:

      Hello, isn’t a publicly available email domain name. You can however have

      To check your port, login to your cPanel account and click on ‘Email Accounts’. From this page, find your email address and click on the ‘More’ drop down menu, once done, click ‘Configure email client’.

      At the bottom of this page you should find the configuration details (including the port) for both SSL and non-SSL.



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