How to Setup Google Analytics for Your Website

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to setup Google Analytics for your website.

Google Analytics is a free software that provides detailed tracking of traffic to your website.

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1) Go to (you will need a Google Account to setup Google Analytics)

2) Click Access Analytics

3) Sign in with your Google Account

4) Click Sign Up

5) Enter your website’s URL and make sure to choose http or https

6) Enter a name for your account

7) Select your timezone

8 ) Click continue

9) Enter your contact infromation

10) Click Continue

11) Check the agreement box

12) Click Create New Account

13) Select if you want to track a single domain, a domain with multiple subdomains or multiple top-level domains

14) Copy and paste the code segment into the bottom of your content, immediately before the </body> tag of each page you are planning to track

This concludes how to setup Google Analytics for your website

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  1. I long created Google analytics before hosting my blog on Arvixe and now I couldn’t rectify the DNS error of my blog webmaster tool using this tutorial. Assistance needed please

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