How to Setup Auto Backup for Each Incoming Email

Applied on: Any hosting plan at Arvixe for both cPanel and WebSitePanel users

I am going to share one easy method by which you can create a simple setup for backing up your incoming emails.

This process is very simple. You just need to create an email forwarder and need to provide a backup email address. So each email sent to your domain will also be copied to another email account/domain.

This method assume that you are using Arvixe and have the capacity to add domains (either you have not registered/own that domain).

If you have your domain for example, then create another domain/website for example This second ( will be used to keep backups of your emails at the hosting provider’s server. Create email addresses at as you want to create for For example, if you want to create an email address, first create an email address Simply, first create all the email addresses at then create those email addresses for your actual domain For the email addresses created at, you need to create forwarders. For help on how to create email forwarders, please see:

For WebSitePanel users:

For cPanel users:

WebSitePanel users can create forwarders at the time of creating email addresses.

Make sure to provide proper email address for forwarders. For example, for the email address, the forwarder would be and for email address, the forwarder would be

Now every email sent to your actual domain’s email address will be auto copied to its forwarder’s email address. Later, in case the emails from your actual domain are deleted, you can restore them from the email addresses at To see a few methods, please see:

This method also can be done without adding a new domain. You may create a forwarder email address at the same domain. For example, can be used for keeping a backup of

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