How to Set Up FTP to your Site in Adobe Dreamweaver

Hello and welcome to the first set of tutorials using Adobe Dreamweaver CC. The CC stands for Creative Cloud it’s the newest and greatest version from Adobe for the Dreamweaver series. This can be used for any other editions of Dreamweaver as well. So let’s get started.

First you will bring up Dreamweaver you will be taken to this screen:


There are quite a few options here that you can use however the one we are most concerned with is the bottom row left side it’s called site setup. This is what we will use in order to add our site using FTP access to Dreamweaver.  So there are a few things we need to get up in order to make this process fast and simple. When you registered with Arvixe for your hosting account you should have received an email that provided you with information about CPanel login, FTP access, etc. You will need to find this email in order to be successful in this. So go ahead and click Site Setup and the following box will popup for you:


There are quite a few options here let’s go over a few of them that matter to us:

1. The main screen on the right is what you are going to name your site and the folder it is for local access. Usually I set the folder location for my desktop however in this example we are going to use the default which is Document/nameofsite.  You can name your site whatever you feel that it needs to be named.  On the left hand side we have a few options to look at. The one we are most concerned about is Servers so go ahead and click on that and this box will appear:


This allows us to add our server to Dreamweaver and update using FTP the little + sign in the bottom corner of the dialog box is how we do this like so:


So go ahead and click this and another box will popup that looks like this:


Let’s go over the options that we see on this screen:

  1. Server Name: This is what you want the name to be.
  2. Connect Using: The default is FTP and this is what we are going to use.
  3. FTP Address: In the setup email that you received you will find this under FTP section of the email. Insert the ftp address here.
  4. Username: This is the username that the setup email tells you to use.
  5. Password: This is also the in the setup email (generally the password you use to log into CPanel.
  6. Test: After you input your information click the test button. This will allow you to make sure you can login successfully to your server.
  7. Root Directory: Leave this blank for now we will change it later.
  8. Website Address: This should automatically update for you.

After this is done click save and you will be taken back to the Setup Server screen.

Click save and then open any files you have that you wish to upload to your server.

In the main page window on the right hand side you will see the server you just setup. So how do I get my files from my computer you ask? Well it’s quite simple let’s get started. This is what we are looking at:


The first drop down box is for the site on your computer or locally. The second box shows your local view and remote server view (your online server) In order to view where things are just change between the two. After you have a page created this is how you upload it:


Where the arrow is pointing to is an up arrow and it’s called a ‘Put’ arrow. This allows you to upload said file to your server.  Make sure the file you are uploading has been selected and the folder you are uploading to is selected. You can do this in the grid view like so:


This allows you to open a split window view that looks like so:


This allows you to select the files from your folder on your desktop or where ever you saved it (right window) to your server (left window). Always make sure that you add these files to your public_html folder. This is the folder that the public sees when they access your website.

After you have done this you can save your page and it will update the saves on the live site.

I hope that this helps you with anything you need! If you have questions feel free to ask away!

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