How to use the Dolphin 6 Autoinstaller on Arvixe

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This post will give you a step by step outline on how to set up Dolphin on your domain. (Note: newer servers do not have support for dolphin 6)

1) Log into cPanel

2) Go to “Software / Services” and click on the “Site Software” button

3) Click on “Dolphin”

4) Fill in the boxes and then hit “Install”.

Admin User – User name you will use to log into Dolphin

Admin Pass – Password to log in

Installation URL – Where Dolphin will be installed on your domain (defaults to /dolphin)

5) Go to the admin page of where you installed Dolphin on your domain

defaults to  http://www.(your domain name).com/dolphin/admin

6)  Log into your account with the user name and password you set up. You should be on this screen.

That concludes how to install and log into Dolphin on your domain. Before you can begin using Dolphin however, you are required to register the software for free. Instructions on how to register Dolphin can be found on the next post which can be accessed here.

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9 Comments on How to use the Dolphin 6 Autoinstaller on Arvixe

  1. Dan says:

    Why does this software have to be installed to a directory folder? Why can’t the software be installed directly to the root folder? I want to be able to see my website after the install by using just my domain name only. I don’t want to have to add any foward slashes and a folder name after my domain name in the URL in order to see my site. Capeesh?

  2. The autoinstaller was provided to us by We did not make the autoinstaller so they can answer that question better. Sorry.

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  4. amedeus says:

    i try to install dolphin into arvixe server, but the version of dolphin ver 6, how do i install ver 7?

  5. Christoph Prantl says:

    Do I have to install Dolphin 6 (as described) before i trigger a Dolphin 7 installation?

  6. barbara says:

    Can anyone help me with this i keep getting register licence though i have a free one it pops up every five to ten minutes really annoying any help greatly appreciated Barbara

    • Alex says:


      The free license was dropped by Boonex some time ago so the only way to remove this popup would be to purchase a Dolphin license 🙁


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