Set Up a Workflow in ocPortal

new workflowFor larger enterprises and companies the ability to have multiple levels of sign off for website content. Currently the addon only affects galleries but changes can be made by a programmer to allow it to be used for all content types.

The workflow addon for ocPortal extends the standard yes/no validation system which is included in ocPortal as standard. This is incredibly useful if you need to have different heads of department sign off different elements of content. If you just need the content to be signed off by one group of people than the normal validation system will work for you.

A workflow contains an ordered list of ‘approval levels’, such as ‘design’ or ‘spelling’, and each of these has a list of usergroups which have permission to approve it. The workflow system allows you to sign off your section and pass the content along to the next group which requires sign off. You can reject the content and require it to be edited by the original submitter.

New content will enter the workflow unless otherwise specified and will pass along the chain until it is fully signed off by all levels.

How to set up the workflow in ocportal

  • Log in to your adminzone
  • Navigate to the addons screen which is located in the structure section of the adminzone
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and choose to import non-bundled addons
  • Select the Downloads section and workflows is found in the new features section
  • Choose workflow and scroll down
  • Click import non-bundled addon(s)
  • Check the list of files to make sure it will not overwrite any of the files you have manually edited
  • Click proceed when you are happy
  • When you arrive back on the addons screen you will need to click the green plus next to workflows


  • Again check the files which will be installed and click proceed when happy

Workflows should now be installed but will need to be configured. To do this you will need to go to the content section in your adminzone which will allow you to either define a new workflow or edit an existing workflow.

level 1On the next screen you can set which of your usergroups can authorise each of the different levels which you have created. You will probably want to make sure your admins group can authorise all of the levels. You can create as many different levels as you require. You also need to make sure the invalidated system has not been uninstalled. This system is automatically installed but may have been uninstalled.

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