How To Set Up a SQL 2008 Database in WebsitePanel

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This post will give you step by step instructions on how to set up a SQL 2008 Database on your PersonalClass ASP account.

1) Sign into your DotNetPanel on your PersonalClass ASP account.

2) Click the “PersonalClass ASP” link under the “Name” tab under “User Spaces”. This will be found on your Account Home page.

3) Under “Hosting Space Menu”, hover over “Databases” until the menu opens. Then click on “SQL Server 2008”.

4) Click “Create Database” under “SQL Server 2008 Databases”.

5) Enter a “Database name” and then click “Save”. For this example we will name the database “Example”.

This concludes How To Set Up a SQL 2008 Database. You can find a tutorial on how to set up your database using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 here.

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One Comment on How To Set Up a SQL 2008 Database in WebsitePanel

  1. Larry Deel says:

    Noah, I went to WebsitePanel or setup a database and followed your instructions in: There were issues:
    1) you directed to go to PersonalClass ASP Account. I am provisioned with VPSClass ASP PRO. Didn’t know if that would make a difference so I proceeded as far as I could…
    2) In step 3 I am supposed to hover over “Databases” under the “Hosting Space Menu” area. All that is under my Hosting Space Menu is ‘Virtual Private Servers” … no “Databases.” Have I been set up correctly or am I going down a rabbit hole?

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