How to Set the Customer Emails Module in TomatoCart

No, you didn’t read that wrong. People are able to send and receive emails at TomatoCart stores. Take the Gmail SMTP and IMAP service as an example.

Step 1. Click the Accounts button to create a new email account.

Enter the Properties such as name, email and signature fields:

set customer email module 1

Step 2. Set the configurations for Incoming Mail:Host: your email addressPassword: your passwordType: IMAPPort: 993Check the Use SSL checkboxNote: The Port may be different depending on your mail server.

set customer email module 2

Step 3. Select the Folders for Sent Items Folder, Trash Folder and Draft Folder.

By setting correctly, the system will communicate with the gmail server and get the folders in the gmail account. You just need to select the fold as below:

set customer email module 3

Step 4. Set the configurations for Outgoing Mail:Host: SSLPort: 465Username: your email addressPassword: your passwordNote: The Port may be different depending on your mail server.

Save the configuration.

set customer email module 4

By correct configurations, you will see the mail folders in the left of the panel and the detailed emails as follows:

set customer email module 5

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