How to Redirect Your Domain in WebsitePanel

Applied on: Windows (WebsitePanel) hosting

You may wish to redirect your WWW content to another URL using WebSitePanel while maintaining your email services (and subdomain) at Arvixe.

Requirement: Your domain should be pointed to an Arvixe server.

STEP 1: Sign in to your WebSitePanel hosting control panel

STEP 2: Click on Web Sites

STEP 3: Click on your domain such as ““.

STEP 4: At the Home Folder tab, select the radio button with Redirection URL.

STEP 5: Insert the URL that you wish to redirect.

Once you have enabled this Redirection URL feature, it means your web site is showing content of another URL and no longer showing content which is hosted on the Arvixe server. However, your other services (like email services) at Arvixe still remain hosted here. 

This concludes how to redirect your domain using WebsitePanel

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3 Comments on How to Redirect Your Domain in WebsitePanel

  1. Joel says:

    This makes sense and is simple to follow. But please explain if I want to do the following, it appears there is a limitation with arvixe’s dns settings.

    I have I want all traffic to to be transferred to at the dns level. If I do NOT use the arvixe nameservers, I can set a “URL” record for my DNS settings (from the “billing” page > Domain Management) for the www subdomain to point to It appears there is not a way to add a URL record from the domains section (just a, cname, txt, and mx records). Would it be a lot of trouble to just add the ability to create URL records from this interface?


  2. Brij says:

    Very nice to know this stuff, will try it.

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